Laptop Buying Guide

  The Processor: There is an array of processors you can look out for depending upon your needs. If you want a notebook for basic home use like Web surfing, then a netbook with Intel Atom would do. If you want a larger size in display then you can opt for a notebook with Intel Pentium dual Core processor can be picked up on a modest budget. For users who want to run a lot of programs and gaming an Intel Core i3/i5 is the best bet. For people who want the best in performance, then Intel Core i7 is the way to go in terms of processor
Memory: One very important aspect to look out for in a notebook is how much memory (RAM) it has and what the graphic capabilities are. If you are a light user and use few applications and software then you should be comfortable with 2GB of RAM. However, most notebooks now come with a minimum 3GB RAM if you spend over Rs 35,000. Whereas if you use applications like 3D MAX or play graphic hungry games then go for a notebook with 4GB of RAM
Graphics: Graphics have slowly taken up a significant factor in performance of a notebook. With HD content and graphic intensive User interfaces the GPU plays a significant part in a notebook. If you don't need image editing or gaming then we suggest a notebook with Intel Onboard graphics is good enough. Though if you get a dedicated nvidia or ATI graphics card by spending a couple of thousand more, go for the graphics card
Hard Disk: As we step into an era of Blu-Ray disks, our hard disks requirements keep on increasing. The more hard disk we have the better it will be in the long run. Most basic laptops now come with 160GB of drive which is more than enough for general requirment. However, if space is priority then you should look at laptops with at least 320GB of storage space. If performance is what you seek, then we suggest that you go for an SSD based storage as it provides much better performance than a standard drive.


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