Latest Kinect hack renders your statue in Minecraft

Every once in a while we present you with a new Kinect hack, and today we have a Kinect hack thats been designed to be used with Minecraft, so let’s see what does Kinect and the blocky world of Minecraft have for us today.

This isn’t the first Kinect hack that works with Minecraft, and in the past there were other hacks, but not like this one. This hack won’t allow you to control your Minecraft avatar with Kinect, because that’s just too simple, but instead it will render your statue in the world of Minecraft. Of course, you can customize your statue, and set scale or even types of blocks you want to use for your statue. You’re not limited to motionless statues because you can stream whatever’s happening in front of your Kinect directly into world of Minecraft, so you can explore it later.
Nathan Viniconis is the creator of this hack and he did an amazing job with it, and now you can add almost anything to your Minecraft universe because possibilities are endless.


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