LG T-Mobile G-Slate to come with 3D display and 3D recording capability?!

It’s a bit hard for me to believe it, but here it is.
That LG’s T-mobile G-Late tablet that we haven’t seen much of during the announcement at CES? Looks like the new LG tablet may be even more impressive device then Motorola Xoom.
According to GPS&Co, they contacted LG France for more info, and this is what LG spokesman told them about some of the G-Slate specs:
  • Display size – 8.9 inch 3D (!!) display allowing to view 3D content without glasses
  • 3D recording capability (?!)
  • LG Tegra 2 dual-core CPU
  • USB port and HDMI connector
I don’t know about you, but all this G-Slate 3D this and 3D that, sounds a bit too good to be true for a tablet in 1H 2011.
Still, according to Pocket-Lint,  LG does really have a mobile device with a 3D display coming out shortly, and can’t wait to tell us about it.  So it might as well be G-Slate.
Well, it’s not a long wait anymore. Mobile World Congress is just 3 weeks away and we will definitely hear more about LG’s Honeycomb tablets by then.
In fact, knowing LG’s habit to pre-announce their big things few weeks before the official launch, I’d be expecting more details about G-Slate within next week or two.


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