Motorola Blocks Bootloader In Android OS

It is very common to have an Android Phone from Motorola with blocked bootloader. Blocking the bootloader not only restricts the Motorola Android device users to upgrade to another version of Android or to use some other operating system. This makes things ridiculous as to restrict upgrade or use another Android version is an appalling act.
clip image002 thumb8 Motorola Blocks Bootloader In Android OS
The e-fuse mechanism performs the duty for Motorola to block the bootloader. This mechanism comes built-in with Android phones from the company. You are also bounded to not to overclock the processor with this mechanism. This mechanism has established a fairly large group of users who felt aggrieved from the manufacturer of this type of behavior. Appeals did not help, therefore, taken the final step – using BOINC project – MilestoneRSA, benefiting from the bruteforce algorithm, trying to find the key RSA 1024, which will allow users to customize the sign for the phone.
However, Motorola does not intend to resign. Although the e-fuse is not supported by the processors used in new smartphones, lock mechanisms will not disappear. One of the workers asked about this issue at one of Motorola’s commercials on YouTube, he replied (comment has been withdrawn by the manufacturer):
@ Tdcrooks if you want it to custom roms, then buy Elsewhere, we’ll continue with our strategy That is working thanks. (To tdcrooks: If you want to deal with custom modifications, buy phones from someone else, we will continue our strategy that works. Thank you.)
After the raid, the same appeared in correcting the videos which say that it has been taken to work with partners to provide a phone that will “protect” users, but also allow developers to use different models to test your applications. This comment is likely to reassure the public – on the Internet news of the continued blocking of the bootloader spread like an echo, so that the image of Motorola is declined.
Motorola now has to take care of a good reputation because of Android-based phones are the only salvation for the producer, who was close to collapse due to a bad update policy.  And I think the only solution is to allow people to at least update to newer versions of the same OS.


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