News: Malware hits Twitter and what to do

If you’re using Twitter and if you’re opening all sorts of links without checking you might get infected by the latest malware. This malware comes in the form of a fake antivirus softwareSecurity Shield, and as soon as you install it, you’ll infect your computer with a virus. named

This virus is spread by a malicious link that is masked with a URL shortener, so it can easily be mistaken with a real link. Anyhow, this virus will hijack your computer and it will use your Twitter account to spread itself without you acknowledging any of this.

Therefore, if you notice any unfamiliar tweets from your account, this means that this virus has affected your PC and what you need to do about it is you need to do to change your Twitter account password, secondly probably worth sending a tweet out (especially if you have lots of followers) to disregard the link previously posted by the virus and lastly download a proper antivirus software to get your PC cleaned out.


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