Now, Google can solve Sudoku!

A new mobile phone ‘app’ from Google can now solve Sudoku, the popular maths puzzle which took the world by storm with its simple grid of digits and empty boxes - no matter what the level of difficulty.

In fact, any cell phone can now solve the puzzle, thanks to the latest version of ‘Google Goggles’ which uses a cell phone’s camera to capture a picture of any Sudoku and then sends it back to Google.

The company’s servers compute the answers and send an image of the completed puzzle back to the user. Depending on the speed of the phone’s internet connection, the results can be back in seconds.

“When you finally solve a real mind-bender, it brings a rush of achievement. I hope Google’s new tool won’t diminish that feeling,” ‘The Daily Telegraph’ quoted its Puzzles Editor Phil McNeill as saying.

Google Goggles works by capturing images and sending them to the company’s central servers. They are then compared to the firm’s vast web index, just as if they were a search term entered as text.

The new version of Goggles means that, along with landmarks and other well known images, the software now also recognises adverts, barcodes and Sudoku.

Goggles is available on the iPhone and all Google Android phones.


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