Q&A Session About BlackBerry Tablet PlayBook To Wrap-Up The CES 2011

Before the CES 2011 ended, Inside BlackBerry sat down with Ryan Bidan, Senior Product Manager on the BlackBerry PlayBook team, for a Q&A session about the BlackBerry PlayBook. Some of the questions that most people have been wanting to ask are answered in this video. What I found cool about this video was his explanation about the “BlackBerry Bridge“. If you don’t know what it is yet, listen to Bidan’s explanation of what it is for yourself.
On a side note, on behalf of BlackBerryInsight, I want to thank Ryan Bidan for being there at the CES 2011 this weekend and for demonstrating and explaining all the features of the BlackBerry PlayBook this week. You can see how “happy” and “excited” he was in some of the videos we’ve posted earlier. He must be so exhausted by now… Thanks Ryan!


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