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Samsung puts 'smart TV' at centre of wireless hub of gadgets

Samsung Electronics is making its new range of high-definition 'smart televisions' the hub of compatible gadgets that can link via wi-fi and allow content to be viewed across different screens. This is part of the company's theme of 'The Smarter Life - Agenda 2011' that makes it possible to connect to 'cloud' computers where a variety of programmes optimised for each screen are stored.

President of Samsung Electronics, B.K.Yoon told the Consumer Electronics Show here on Thursday that the television was set to strengthen its role as the dominant, central force of technology in human lives. The 'smart tv' with its ability to share content from multiple devices and also connect to the Internet was the place where everything was coming together. He highlighted the philosophy of 'human digitalism' that was necessary to embed technology with a human touch.

The best example of this, he said, was the role played by a Samsung Projector Phone as an invaluable tool that helped the trapped Chilean miners overcome fear and boredome during their long ordeal. "We can do more for human life, and people are our priority," he said.

The company's concept is to 'break down the walls' between devices and provide access to applications hosted on a store designed for the smart televisions, two ultra-thin LED series of which were unveiled at CES a day earlier. Samsung will develop the now growing 'cloud-based' services as a gateway to access and share content. As of now, 118 countries access Samsung's applications store, billed as the industry's first for televisions.

The gadgets that can readily link to the wireless hub around the smart television or the company's router are compatible PCs, mobile phones and tablet computers such as the Galaxy Tab. There is, in addition, the capability built into Android devices from the company, to use the interactive features of the high-definition televisions. These include web search and access to social media. The social media features are designed to work with on-demand television, helping the viewer share comments and ratings in real time.


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