Second time lucky? Nokia C7

The most recent launch from Nokia's stable in the smartphone market is the Nokia C7, the second handset to feature the Symbianˆ3 OS. We had earlier written about how Nokia's platform fared in the N8 and here we check if the Nokia C7 pulls it off with any more flair.

Build and design

Styled like a candybar, the Nokia C7 has two touch buttons on either end of the bezel at the bottom and a longish physical button at the centre which enables you to access the main menu that displays all the apps and widgets. On the right side of the body, you have a quick camera launcher button which also doubles up as the Shutter button in case the virtual one is not to your liking.

Between the volume buttons, you have a voice activation button. A long press of this will prompt you to speak into the phone, to say either a name or a nickname of a contact you've already recorded and stored, and dial the contact for you.

You have the Power button, a 3.5mm jack and a mini USB port on the top and the charging slot for the mini-plug on the left.

The full glass capacitive touch screen is an AMOLED display, something that most Nokia smartphones aren't endowed with so the C7 scores a couple of brownie points with this.

To get the SIM card in, you have to yank the battery out every time, which is quite inconvenient and is a step backward considering even lower-end models from other brands have done away with this rather cumbersome design.


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