‘Technical flaws caused GSLV failure’

The former chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), G. Madhavan Nair, said here on Monday that technical flaws were the prime cause of the recent failure of the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV-F06).

GSLV-F06, which carried communication satellite GSAT-5P, lost control soon after a successful liftoff, broke up into pieces and was subsequently destroyed in mid-flight.

Dr. Nair, who is a member of the team constituted to review the failure, pointed out that a GSLV launch involved various complexities.
“In addition to the other crucial intricacies during its launch, GSLV employs a rather challenging cryogenic scientific system. At least three trial launches must be conducted before the expected results could be ascertained,” he said.

It was wrong to put the onus of responsibility of the failed launch on a person or the organisation.
“Those behind the project should not be blamed for its failure. In fact, ISRO and its scientists are completely aware of the fact that it is the tax paid by the common man that funds such projects.
This would ensure that not a single rupee goes wasted knowingly. The recent failure should not be perceived as a precedent for future ventures of the organisation,” he said.
The failure of GSLV-f06A has delayed a revolutionary stride in space science, aimed at providing desi dishes to astronauts associated with the Chandrayaan-2 mission,
India’s most awaited manned journey to the moonIndian Space Research Organisation (Isro) and Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) would have signed a MoU officially starting the space food program, if the GSLV launch had been successful.
Before the GSLV launch, top Isro scientists had come to Mysore to meet DFRL food scientists,
who gave them an elaborate presentation on the kind of foods identified for the moon mission, and the present status of available technology.


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