WARNING: Don’t Click On ’50 Free Farm Cash’ Posts

The latest scam spreading across Facebook falsely promises 50 free Farm Cash and a Groupon for half off purchases at Bath and Body. Nothing of the sort awaits those who click on the posts, as they lead to yet another marketing survey. Completing it exposes you to malware while earning a commission for the scammer.

The screen grab from a newsfeed post above shows that the scam links to an amateurish posting on Blogspot, but there are also posts that go directly to the url http://apps.facebook.com/farmsgift/ which shows the following imagery:
Any third-party offering of free gaming cash should raise a red flag. The only way to obtain game currency on Facebook is from the application itself — buy it yourself, win it as a bonus while playing or receiving the coinage as a gift from a friend you know who has made a purchased the virtual money.
So if you or someone you know has clicked on the latest free Farm Cash scam link, you’ll want to remove the associated application from your profile to make sure that additional malware and spam don’t come your way. Click on the account tab in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, then select settings to get to the page where you can remove unwanted applications.
Have you seen the latest Farm Cash scam appear on the news feeds or walls of people you know? And has anyone reported it to Facebook or Zynga?
Props to our friends at Facecrooks for noticing this scam first.


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