What's in store for the mobile market in 2011?

Bangalore: The mobile market is spiralling toward growth with each year. So with the new year approaching fast, here are the top 10 mobile market trend predictions by the Mobile Marketing Association for the year 2011 in the Asia Pacific region.

1. With evolving mobile technology, the messages on mobile marketing will turn more personalized. Introduction of regulations in the mobile marketing sphere can lead to greater business-to-consumer transactions, eliminating the spams involved in mobile advertising.2. Over-the-top services will bring in revenues for value added services. Operators need to focus more on converged devices like tablets.

3. Applications allowing free SMS, video and phone calls will enter the market. Few like WhatsApp and Viber are already doing so. With more such applications, basic mobile features will be available for free, irrespective of the devices used.

4. With the introduction of the Windows 7, the focus is moving toward strict hardware specifications, along with Research In Motion (RIM) and Apple. This means that ads on these platforms will be counted as more credible, helping the cause of mobile marketing.

7. Mobiles becoming a means for payment of bills gives the advantage of quick transaction. It also ensures customers can purchase while on the go without the need of cash in hand. This promises a bright future for mobiles in future as a mode of transaction.

8. Mobiles are fast becoming replacements for computers, as they are turning more feature rich. With introduction of converged devices like tablets, consumers now have greater speed and battery life. These devices are fast becoming the choice of medium for writers/ bloggers, allowing them to edit and upload contents in various formats even while travelling.

9. Increasing number of handsets ship with browsing capabilities letting people to access Web on their mobiles. This paves a way for business-to-consumer applications to be delivered via phones. Smartphones are allowing consumers to view richer content on their mobile devices helping the marketers.

10. With 3D technology sweeping the mobile arena too, it will create space for innovation in mobile ads. The technology is definitely shape the future of mobile ad contents.


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