14-year-old makes no.1 app of Apple store

 Fourteen-year-old Utah teenager Robert Nay has created Apple’s top app on the App Store, a piece of software that is so popular it has even knocked the game Angry Birds from its perch at the top of Apple’s tree.

Nay, from the town of Spanish Fork, Utah, used the resources available at his local library to research how to make an app for the iPhone after his friends told him he should create a game for the hit mobile device.

The game, called Bubble Ball, requires players to position game elements so that a ball can roll to a designated target. The app was approved on December 29 and by Wednesday it had logged more than 2 million downloads to make it the most popular free app.

“I think it’s pretty cool because I never thought my game would do that well,” Nay said. “When I saw it was number one I was pretty astonished.” Older interviewers have told the soft-spoken teenager that had he charged just 1 dollar per download he would now be a young millionaire. But that sense of missed opportunity has not fazed the young inventor.

“That was my first app and I was kind of testing the water so I wanted to make it free,” he said.

He also revealed that’s he’s working on another game. Asked to give details he responded with the poise of a much older businessman...


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