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20+ Tools for Quick and Clean Code Development

Developing websites is much more than just a pretty face, and depending on what typed of features you’d like to implement on the site, there’s a lot of coding that goes into it. Many times designers turn to a WYSIWYG tool, however tools of that sort are more limited to advanced code. Being able to code a site using a variety of tools lets you simplify the coding process while you take a big bite out of saving time.
Below we’ve hand picked 20+ Tools for Quick & Clean Code Development that will help you code much faster and in an efficient manner.



MiniAjax is pretty much a large collection of downloadable AJAX scripts, for customization on your site. Most of these scripts are configurable, and guide you through the implementation.

Clean AJAX

Clean AJAX provides a high level interface to work with the AJAX technology. It’s created to solve problems found in AJAX applications. This tool will save you time and help you fix and tidy up your code.


The Rich Internet Application Toolkit (Rialto) is an ajax-based cross browser library with lots of widgets. Rialto gives you quick and easy access to rich internet application development. As a developer, you’ll virtually need no understanding of DHTML, Ajax or DOM code.


ThinWire is mostly driven by an open source development framework that allows you to build applications for the web that have usable and interactive user interfaces. You’ll be able to complete projects at a fraction of the time, all while handling the view-layer of your Java EE (J2EE) applications.


AjaxDaddy is a resource site filled with useful and time-saving AJAX scripts for your website. You can find anything from slide shows to customized feeds.


jQuery UI

With jQuery UI you’ll be able to design custom user interfaces for a number of web applications utilizing the jQuery library. This nifty tool lets you substantially cut-back on the amount of code you would need to write. You should also scroll to the demo page for some nice examples.

Venkman JavaScript Debugger

Venkman happens to be Mozilla’s JavaScript debugger, and it is a fully servicing debugging environment. It comes with numerous features and specialized options for the inspection of how well your script interacts and performs.


SproutCore is a framework that helps you build applications in JavaScript with little amounts of code. Best of all you won’t need any plugins, and they will work with any of the modern-browsers.


SimpleJS is a lightweight JavaScript library that gives developers useful JavaScript functions when working with AJAX.



List-O-Matic lets you create CSS-styled navigation menus based on list items.

Blue Print CSS

Blueprint CSS, a framework that helps you save time by cutting down your CSS development time. You’ll be backed by a solid CSS foundation letting you build your project, organized grid, and more.

CSS Compressor

CSS Compressor allows you to easily compress your CSS code to increase loading speed and save on bandwidth. There are different levels of compression for you to choose from, this depends on the size of your code, and your desired load time.

Clean CSS

Clean CSS optimizes and formats your code and makes it much cleaner and more organized. Your CSS will be clutter-free.

CSS Color Chart

The CSS Color Chart page contains a neutral colors chart and a general-purpose color chart. The colors are compatible with CSS and HTML. You can copy in which ever format you desire, all you need to do is hit the toggle button and it will convert from Hex to RGB and back. This is ideal for designers that practice color-theory in depth, and use a lot of colors in their layouts.



BBEdit is an HTML and text editor for the Mac OS X. It was specifically designed for web designers and coders that want efficient editing, and text manipulation.

XHTML Markup Generator

Markup Generator is a simple and effective tool that takes the slicing out of having to slice your own work from the very beginning. You’ll be able to produce standard XHTML markup along with a CSS frame that’ll let you style your elements.

HTML CheatSheet

This is a pretty extensive and easy to read cheatsheet for HTML code.

HTML Entity Character Lookup

With this app you’ll quickly find an entity or tag based on how it looks. Save time by not having to visit another site to lookup a tag, or needing to remember its function.



CakePHP is a solid development framework for PHP that empowers you with a useful architecture for developing, and maintaining your apps.


Xdebug is an extension for PHP that helps you debug scripts. Useful features include warnings, and error messages that are displayed after activation. If there’s a script that fails to prperly work, Xdebug will print an error message, along with function names, parameter values, source files, and line more.


PHP_CodeSniffer is a PHP 5 script that vigorously detects conformance to a predefined PHP coding standard. It’s specially helpful on large projects, and for keeping uniform coding styles.

Pixy: PHP Security Scanner

Pixy is a Java program that performs automatic scans of PHP 4 source code, aimed to detect XSS and SQL injection vulnerabilities. Pixy takes a PHP program as input and creates a report that lists possible vulnerable points in the program, along with additional information for understanding the vulnerability.


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