Apple to begin production, iPad 2 in Feb, iPhone 5 in May

Bangalore: The production of Apple iPad 2 is expected to start by February according to reports in Chinese media. Also, the production of fifth generation of iPhones is likely to begin by May.

The new model of iPad is likely to come with features like dual-core processor, dual cameras and a USB and an SD port. Some reports have claimed that the new iPad will come with a resolution of 2048 x 1536. However, according to some, the said resolution is more likely for iPad 3Apple's manufacturing partners are set to begin production in a small pilot. However, there are chances of it growing extensively.

Many are also anticipating the number to surpass first generation of iPads which were delivered in the year of 2010. Reports say that Apple will most likely continue with Foxconn as its main production partner. The supply chain is also likely to remain same with Companies like Pegatron playing a crucial part through the process.
Though there is no information available on iPhones, the new sets of the phone will probably be launched by June as per going by the trend of previous launches. iPad 2 is expected to be launched by March or April, with these expectations being based on the launch of first generation iPads which was on 3rd of April.


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