Chat On Facebook Without Logging On

Want more ways to chat with your Facebook friends that don’t require you to be logged on to the social media site?

Israeli start-up Facemoods is launching a toolbar this week that allows you to have a chat window come up on any page you’re browsing (you don’t have to be logged on to Facebook).
Compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, the toolbar downloads for free here. As soon as you do that, you see a little Facebook chat icon at the top of the tool bar. Click on it and a new window appears, allowing you to insert an emoticon or animation in your chat, from any browser window.
Facemoods has a variety of emoticons to choose from—everything from a crying guy, to little piggies and cows, to celebrity emoticons (we think we spotted a Justin Bieber doppelganger), to a guy with his pants pulled down (ever wanted to moon someone on Facebook? Now you can).
The emotions and animations can appear both in chats, and can be inserted onto wall posts. The browser add-on works on both PCs and Macs, and you can select from about 12 different languages.
Also, check out Facemoods on Facebook — the page has more than 9 million likes, which proves its growth hasn’t slowed down since August when we wrote that it was one of the fastest growing pages on the social network.
Have you tried this toolbar yet and if so, what do you think of it?


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