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DownThemAll, Built-In Firefox Download Manager

Download managers are handy programs to manage downloads more efficiently. They usually offer features that web browsers don’t, for instance resuming downloads, speeding them up by separating files into segments that are downloaded simultaneously or options to queue downloads.
DownThemAll is a built-in Firefox download manager that comes with all the bells and whistles one would expect from a download manager. The only difference to third party download managers is the need to keep the Firefox window open to process the download queue and download files that have been added to it.
The integration as an extension offers options that external download managers cannot offer. It is for instance possible to scan a website for downloads with a click on the mouse button.
DownThemAll installs just like any other extension in the web browser which is another advantage as it means that the extension is compatible with all platforms Firefox is running on. It works right out of the box and integrates into the standard Firefox download window.
downthemall download manager
A DownThemAll link option is displayed during the first download, the Down Them All OneClick option is added after that initial download. The one click option basically allows the user to use a previously used download profile for new downloads.
download manager
A profile consists of a save location on the local hard drive and an optional renaming system. A hash can be entered into the Checksum form to verify a download once it has been completed in the download manager.
Downloads are displayed in a queue manager. The manager lists the name, download speed, size, progress bar and percentage and estimate time left. A button at the right of the header bar can be used to add information like the save path or checksum to the listing.
The footer lists the number of downloads, overall speed of all active downloads and an option to limit the overall download speed.
A right-click on any page, and the selection of DownThemAll displays a window with possible file downloads found on that page.
downthemall download scan
The download manager displays all links and filtered picture and media urls in a separate tab. This makes it possible to download multiple files linked on the same page at once, or download files like embedded videos that are not linked directly.
Filters are available to mark files for download that match the filter.
The extension preferences offer versatile configuration options, from download alerts, to enabling the recording and listing of Flash videos, interface options for the mouse context menu and Firefox Tools menu, to network and privacy related options. New filters can be added in the preferences as well.
DownThemall is a popular download manager for Firefox. Its feature set and integration in the browser make it one of the top choices for Firefox users. The extension is compatible with Firefox 3.5+ and Firefox 4. It can be directly installed from the Mozilla Add-On Repository.


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