Free Facebook Credits To Expire February 15th

Facebook Credits LogoAfter a more than six month promotion of free Facebook credits, the company has decided to kill off the program while making the shift toward complete integration with all games on the social network.

The beneficiaries of this new decision will clearly be developers who weren’t benefitting greatly from the distribution of free credits. Users who have free credits that have yet to be spent might be a little frustrated. The decision by Facebook to pull the free credits program is most likely a result of the desire to drive users to buy credits rather than just claim free credits and leaveg them in their account. In other words, train the users to spend money in games.
According to Inside Facebook, the credits expiration will only be applied to a limited group of users. Our guess is its for users who never even loaded a game after redeeming a free credits offer. As the July 1st deadline for all game developers to implement credits approaches, Facebook is making changes that will hopefully increase revenue for developers despite the cut the company will be taking.
Facebook’s help center states their own explanation of the expiration:
You were given free Facebook credits as a promotion from Facebook. Facebook credits are a secure and easy way to buy premium items or power-up in many of your favorite free games and apps.
These free credits were given to you in the middle of last year, but have not been used yet. Any free credits that are not used by February 15, 2011 will expire. These free credits will be available in your account until then and can be used in many games and apps. Any credits that you have purchased will not be affected and will remain in your account.
My guess is that all free Facebook credits will complete expire on February 15th. That means you should hurry up and buy your virtual goods in FarmVille, CityVille, or whatever your social game of choice is.


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