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Increase Your Website’s Effectiveness with Confident Copy

Want to increase your website’s effectiveness? To have a higher conversion rate: more of your website’s visitors become subscribers, customers, members? You can increase the likelihood of that happening by having your message be more clear and confident. In other words: increase your website’s effectiveness with confident copy.
It might seem like forehead-slapping common sense, but a lot of web designers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs get caught up in design tweaks, form designs, and other details that don’t matter nearly as much as simply being more confident with their message. By simply having more confident copy, you can increase the likelihood of that next visitor converting into a new subscriber, customer, or member.
And you do want more subscribers/customers/members which will translate to more money, don’t you?

3 Reasons Why You Need Confident Copy

1. More Visitors Will Check You Out

If you’re confident in what you’re offering on your blog or website, chances are visitors will be confident in checking it out.

2. Be More Visible Amidst the Noise

You increase your chances to cut through the overcrowded internet space – there’s so many choices that people tend to go with the one that seems most confident and definitive.

3. Increase Chances of Making More Money

Unshaken confidence in your message will make it much much more likely that your visitor will convert: become a subscriber, a customer, a member. And that means potentially more money for you.

People Want Confidence, So Give It to Them

People want their content they’re consuming to be confident. Clear value, bold message.
People want copy they’re reading to be confident, so they’re assured that they’re at the right place. That they’re:
  • About to subscribe to the right blog
  • About to buy the right thing
  • About to sign up for the right service
Just like how people want their bands to be confident. There’s a reason that the biggest and boldest artists are often the soundtrack to more people’s lives than other popular artists that are simply passing trends for most.
So be like a big bold band. When you write, be confident. – confident in your content, your value, your offer.

Be Bold With Your Value

Don’t hold back your self-belief in your offering. Be bold with your value. No wishy-washiness. No vague opinions. No beating around the bush. Forget about using “maybe”s and “possibly”s – replace your vocabulary with “most definitely” and “completely” and the like. What are you trying to say? What’s the message, the point, the value to the reader? Just say it. And go to the edge with it.
  • Don’t think – know.
  • Don’t ask them to consider – ask them to do.
Write like you mean it.

It’s About Them, Not You

Never lose focus of who you’re writing for: the visitor, which is a prospective reader, subscriber, customer, member. Readers want confidence. But they also don’t care about you. They care about themselves and what you can offer them. Get it? They don’t want vague, safe and nothing-new articles or books – they want bold, clear value. Confident writing. But they want it to benefit them. They want your awesomeness to help them, not to read about how awesome you think you are.

Self-Belief, Not Arrogance

Have self-belief. Don’t have arrogance.
There’s a huge difference between arrogance and self-belief:
  • Self-belief is thinking you’re the greatest in the world, giving you confidence to go for the big win.
  • Arrogance is making sure people know you’re the greatest, always putting it in front of their faces.
You shouldn’t be arrogant, but you should believe that you’re the best in what you do.

Don’t Let Your Ego Use You

When you write, you need to be confident, but you also need to get your ego out of the way. Use your ego – don’t let your ego use you. Let your ego fuel your self-belief. Don’t let it fuel arrogance.
Use self-belief to make your writing more confident. With clear value and a bold message. Don’t let arrogance make the writing about yourself and how confident you think you are. Be confident. But write confidently for the people. The readers will be happy for such clear value and a bold message. You’ll be happy for making such awesome stuff.

A Few Useful Resources

What, this article isn’t enough for you? Okay, fine. Here are a few useful resources that can further help to increase your website’s conversion rate:

Increase Your Website’s Effectiveness with Confident Copy

You can now see why confident copy is important to your website: you can increase your conversion rate with it, and by extension make more money.
Remember these 3 things when writing your website’s copy:
  1. Be bold with your value – don’t shy away from self-belief, if you’re confident then the visitor will most likely be as well
  2. It’s about them – focus on how you and your stuff benefits them
  3. Be confident but not arrogant – believe that you are the best *insert your niche here* in the world
If you’re not confident in what you’re offering, then how can a visitor be in reading, subscribing, buying? Your confident copy will help to convert your visitors more: more sales, more subscribers, more signups. You get more desired results, and your visitor has the “so what” question clearly answered and the value to them more confidently delivered. When you have self-belief but not arrogance, both you and your visitor wins.
Be confident. Have confident copy.


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