Indian-U.S. family working to connect classrooms globally

Washington: An ambitious global project to bridge the "achievement gap" among students has been launched by an Indian-American family here by connecting schools in India with those in the U.S. using Internet, new methodologies and cutting-edge technologies.

The aim of the initiative is to help students learn not only about culture of other countries, but also find solutions to complex math equations and science problemsA brainchild of mother-daughter duo of Sonia Boveja and Naina, Co-Founders of Washington-based Coalition for International Initiatives (CII), the pilot project launched recently connects eight American schools in Pennsylvania with three Indian schools in Gwalior, Ahmedabad and Ludhiana.

"We want to promote cultural awareness, global citizenship and academic excellence. So we want the students to share with each other academic things, their sports and their history.


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