Install Opera Mobile Version in Desktop- Windows, Linux or MAC Computer

Most of the new generation mobile phones which are internet enabled are installed with the mobile version of Opera called as Opera Mini or Opera Mobile. The desktop version of Opera is also available. But if you want to test your website preview at mobile without having a mobile phone, you can install the Opera mobile version in your MAC or Desktop- PC or Laptop. The traditional downloads of Opera Mini or Opera Mobile does not allow you to install them in Desktop or MAC computer. But, the Opera Mobile 10 desktop emulator can help you to install Opera Mobile in Windows, Linux or MAC.

How to install Opera Mobile in Desktop or MAC computer

Download Opera Mobile 10 desktop emulator from the given links below, matching with your operating system accordingly.
Once you download the desktop emulator, run it to install. Foe instance, if you are in Windows, double click on the downloaded file and it will do every thing automatically. For Linux and MAC, follow their own installation process.
This emulator was built for the shake of building Mobile widgets from the computer. The widget developers  use this in desktop computers to create or check opera mobile widgets.

Use Opera Mobile for faster browsing

Installing the mobile version not only helps you to test your website preview in mobile, it also can be used for faster browsing of the internet. If your internet connection is not too slow and you have to wait for a long time to open any website or web page in your Desktop browser, you can give it a try. The Opera mobile version is more faster comparing with the desktop browser.


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