LG Readying to ‘Rewrite History’ with the Optimus 3D

LG hasn’t been a key player in the phone market for quite some time, but they fully expect to change that in 2011 with device launches such as the Optimus 2X and Optimus 3D. Not only are they entering the smartphone market; they’re entering it aggressively. In a new teaser published by LG, they boast “The World’s First Dual Core-Multi Channel” device that looks strikingly similar to the LG Optimus 3D we saw leaked last week.

The ad seems to focus on the upcoming Optimus 3D even though its 3D capabilities are not shown off (this must be the “unexpected” jaw-dropping announcement they’re holding until the press conference).
It seems companies, such as LG, are becoming more and more concerned about the hype regarding the release of a device. They know they have an audience, so they will tease and leak until they feel the public knows just enough about the device before its launch at an official press conference. We’re not complaining!


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