Microsoft Puts Facebook In Latest Bing Browser

Microsoft’s Bing browser now has Facebook functionality built into the toolbar, now available for free download here.

An exhaustive description of the newest version of the browser appears on Bing’s blog, which includes a good video demonstration that we’ve embedded at the bottom of this post.
The gist of the Facebook embedding inlcudes prominent iconography in the toolbar, plus notifications from the social network that pop up even when you’re not on the site. And you can check your mail, which might become handier as the new messaging platform becomes more entrenched among users.
I like how the new browser seems like a toned down version of RockMelt, which puts so much emphasis on social media that you get distracted from whatever you were originally planning to browse — I mean, when I’m not on Facebook, I don’t need to see images of all of my friends who are on the site.
Have you tried the newest Bing toolbar, and if so, what do you think of it?

<a href="" target="_new" title="New Bing Bar Available Today">Video: New Bing Bar Available Today</a>


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