Motorola XOOM with Wi-Fi only hits the FCC

We do know that the landing page of the Motorola XOOM has already gone live a few days ago, and that will clearly heighten the anticipation for folks who want one of the more promising tablet devices out there in the market sometime down the road. Well, as you all know, any electronic device that intends to make their way to the US will first have to jump through the hoops put forward by the FCC, and there is a new Motorola XOOM apparently that has arrived at such a turning point.
This model seems to be a Wi-Fi only version (reminds you of the iPad as well as the Amazon Kindle, doesn’t it?), so if such a variant were to make its way to the market, you can bet your bottom dollar that this means it will be more affordably priced than the $800 quoted for the 3G Motorola XOOM tablet.
The recent filing spotted pointed towards the FCC testing a “wireless tablet with embedded WLAN” manufactured by Motorola, and surely it doesn’t mean another tablet apart from the XOOM, does it? After all, there was no mention of a cellular radio anywhere.



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