NY Convergence website gets its Android app

z NY Convergence android NY Convergence website gets its Android app
NY Convergence — the online news site covering local digital media and technology industry developments throughout the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut Tri-State Region — launched its Android application. Available as a free download, it offers pretty much all of the content from the NY Convergence website, including all of the original reporting of everything from Silicon Alley 2.0 companies to digital media production and media/tech events.
If I died yesterday I wouldn’t know the New York Tri-State region has the largest high-tech workforce in the USA, leading national employment in telecom, R&D, testing and Internet services with over 316,500 jobs. I would think it’s the Silicon Valley, but I would be wrong, obviously.
As a matter of fact, the region is ranked number one globally for employment in high-tech services and E-readiness, with over 60,000 high-tech and media workers embedded in such industries as financial services, higher education and healthcare. Additionally, technology venture capital investments have been growing steadily throughout the Tri-State Region since 1996, and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is currently implementing a series of major policy initiatives to boost New York’s position as the leading center of the media industry as it makes the transition to digital…
NY Convergence (FREE) [Android Market link]


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