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A tool to cut clutter

Thirty-forty per cent of the mail in your inbox will be of no use, and you may realise this while cleaning it up one fine day. If clutter bothers you, here is an option.

TaskTrek is the tool for you. All messages are grouped into relatable activities and tasks chronologically, thus helping all communication flow in an organised manner automatically. Instead of the ‘send' button, all you have is ‘share.'

“TaskTrek's an alternative to e-mail,” says Dheeraj Juneja, founder and chief executive officer, Loginworks Softwares ( His company has designed this hosted service for internal team communication.

It is not just for mailing or messaging, but can also be used for managing resources, teams, documents and office within an organisation, clients and other stakeholders.

Once a company subscribes to this service, Loginworks Software will create an account for it and share its login details. The user types in the URL customised for the company (eg. http://company and inputs the username and password to access account. This application is accessible from any Internet browser. Starting January 2011, TaskTrek has been made available on the mobile too, says Mr. Juneja.

There will be no room for miscommunication if TaskTrek is used, Mr. Juneja claims. All messages appear in a trail-like format, the users get real-time updates or notifications through e-mail alerts and pop-ups, the entire history of the activity and all related messages are grouped together. Secondly, all files are grouped into standard folders for consistency in the office. And all team members store their information in one standard folder or sub-folder structures.


Small and medium enterprises are the main targets for this product, which is priced depending on the space required and number of users. A company with 10 users can start using TaskTrek with no difficulty. For it, it is a very economical solution, without having to worry about IT infrastructure.

It will be useful in PR agencies, media, marketing and advertising, where communication is priority, and law and financial agencies where systematic information docking is critical.


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