Acer developing WP7 phones, launching Autumn 2011

Bangalore: It seems like Acer is taking its smartphone business very seriously. After announcing the launch of Android based smartphones at the Mobile World Congress, now the world's second largest PC maker is reportedly developing Windows Phone 7 based smartphones, due in Autumn this year. Back in December, Gianfranco Lanci, CEO, Acer had announced that the company is working on Windows Phone 7 smartphones. The phones are likely to hit the markets by September or October. The news was confirmed by a spokesperson of Acer to Pocket-lint.

The launch of Acer Windows Phone 7 smartphones will mostly happen with the big update of WP7 happening that is codenamed Mango.

With the recent collaboration of Nokia and Microsoft on the former's phones based on the latter's platform, Acer's WP7 phones are set to give tough competition to Nokia's phones, which will most likely see the daylight around the Autumn.

What we are thinking is with Acer delving into too many smartphone platforms (Android, WP7), will it be a case of more the merrier or will it yield no good products in any of the case? We will do the job of waiting and watching.(

WP7 is the latest upcoming version of the Windows Mobile operating system developed by Microsoft. It will be your perfect present for Christmas, because it’s planned to be released by December 2010.  By the time, Microsoft's plans has changed. Is there a person, who doesn't want his Christmas present in October? Microsoft's goal is to create an excellent user experience by redesigning the user interface, disallowing partners to modify or replace it, integrating the operating system with other services, and strictly controlling the hardware it runs on. Microsoft officially unveiled Windows Phone 7 during the Mobile World Congress 2010 (January 15) in Barcelona and revealed additional details at MIX 2010.

Work towards a major Windows Mobile update began as early as 2004 under the project name Photon. Due to delays caused by mismanagement, the project was scrapped in 2008, and the Windows Mobile team - reorganized. Microsoft then started from scratch to make a new mobile platform, which became known as Windows Phone.It looks similar to Zune HD’s interface.

The home screen (called the "Start screen") is made up of "tiles", which by default are links to important features, such as phone, music and videos, email, office, and contacts. The User can customize the tiles, delete them, or add their own - by pinning an application (or "experience"), media item, favorite contact, or almost anything to the Start screen, it becomes a tile. Tiles are dynamic and update in real time. Tile contents are organized via "hubs" which combine both local and online content.


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