ALERT: Don’t Click ‘My Top Stalkers’ Postings

A scam that seems to keep reincarnating has returned to Facebook again, with wall spam saying things like, “my top stalkers are…”

We sincerely hope you and your loved ones have refrained from clicking on the links embedded at the bottom of the posts. They lead to an external website promising to show you who your “top profile spies” are.
That takes you to a screen that asks you to confirm your identity by taking an IQ test consisting of several questions; the last one requests your cellular number so that a service called Challenge Quiz Fun Facts can put at least $9.99 a month on your phone bill.
People appear to recognize the scam nature of these posts, because the stated results seem ludicrous, as you can see in the example screenshot above. What are the odds that Megan Fox, Heidi Klum and Oprah Winfrey check out the same profile 42 to 116 times in the same week?
Those who’ve had these postings go up on their walls often post status updates apologizing to friends who might have received spam from the rogue application. Hopefully these folks follow up by checking their account settings to make sure no rogue applications have downloaded onto their profiles; just deleting the spam posts doesn’t get rid of malware.
Have you seen any posts talking about top stalkers of profiles? Have you ever reported a rogue application to Facebook’s security team?


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