Cisco partners Control4 for home control systems

SALT LAKE CITY, USA: Networking company Cisco has partnered with Control4, a provider of IP-based home control systems, for network-enabled automation platforms for connected smart communities and home energy deployments.
“Both Cisco and Control4 share a vision of delivering a connected world where we all lead better and simpler lives,” said Will West, CEO, Control4. “The integration of Control4’s operating system is a key component of the value proposition for Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities vision to use the network as the platform to build smart, green and connected communities around the world and helps bring the benefits of automation and control to potentially millions,"

Cisco envisions a future where successful communities and cities will run on networked information enabling economic, social and environmental sustainability for citizens,” said Wim Elfrink, chief globalisation officer and executive vice president, Cisco Services.

“Cisco’s collaboration with Control4 will offer our customers the network as the platform to transform and manage their properties, enhance economic development and city management, and improve energy management and citizens’ quality of life.”Aniruddh Sinh Jadeja, managing director, GTPL, said:

“Digitization will help us address several issues that have been dogging the industry and strengthen our competitive edge in the market over direct-to-home players. Combining GTPL’s expertise as a cable and Internet solutions provider with Cisco’s Internet Protocol next-generation network technology will enable us to offer improved value-added services such as digital video recording, video on demand and a host of other experiences to our subscribers.”


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