Facebook Asks Developers Not To Use Google AdSense

Facebook has sent emails to application developers telling them that some form of enforcement action will hit anyone who works an unapproved ad provider. Translation: Please don’t work with AdSense right now.

That’s the way the community has been interpreting the email, according to four pages of developer forum posts discussing the situation with AdSense.
Facebook spokespeople have told us that the site doesn’t have an official ban on Google AdSense, but simply doesn’t want developers to work with that ad provider until it gets into compliance with the social network’s rules on data usage.
The email sent out earlier this week went to developers who have worked with AdSense, saying:
Please make sure you are using one of the acceptable ad providers as soon as possible or you will be subject to enforcement in the coming week. This email serves as a reminder to bring your app into compliance with this policy and any others. We will not be able to reply to this email directly but will respond to questions in the forum (http://forum.developers.facebook.net/)
Posts to the developer forum included some questions, such as which of the 68 currently approved advertising providers could provide at least the same amount of revenue that AdSense has supplied.
Not surprisingly, a lot of the postings complained about the block, while still others hypothesized about the state of affairs between Google and Facebook.
We look at how the email that went out to developers refrained from mentioning the name of any specific ad provider, suggesting that Facebook still has some hope that Google AdSense might comply with the social network’s terms. It’s possible that the search giant might be digging in its heels about complying with Facebook’s rules, developers are ultimately the victims of the ongoing battle between the two companies.
Readers, what do you think about Facebook’s current ban on Google AdSense?


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