Facebook Launches New Comments Plug-In

Facebook has upgraded the comments plugin for third-party websites to have the same capabilities currently available on page walls within the social network. This includes showing the most popular posts first rather than chronologically, and improved moderation.

This seems like the kind of thing that news sites might appreciate most, so it seems fitting that Examiner.com announced its own implementation of the comments box in a press release that went out around the same time as Facebook’s developer blog post did.

The press release on the implementation says:
When a person leaves a comment on an Examiner.com story, it can also be published to friends on Facebook, along with a link to the Examiner.com story where the comment originated. Users of the Examiner.com site and other sites enabled with this feature will be able to comment with additional identity providers beyond Facebook. In addition, the Comments plugin provides a rich set of moderation tools that empower the Examiner to mitigate spam and malicious content. Readers can also help cut down on irrelevant content by marking comments as spam, or reporting them as being abusive.
These features seem very germane to media sites, but other online destinations might not welcome the changes, based on how some page administrators have reacted to the new features. Obviously, the difference between the admins and websites lies in the fact that the latter have the option to not use the plug-ins at all, whereas the former will have no choice once the new format for pages becomes mandatory rather than opt-in.
Have you had a chance to try out the new plug-in and if so, what do you think of it?


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