How Well Does Facebook Protect Identities?

Are you worried about identity theft on Facebook?

A growing number of people in Salt Lake City have had their identities ripped off on Facebook, according to an article posted on the website of local broadcaster KSL. More worrisome than the hackers is the fact that users say they are growing frustrated with the lack of communication from the company when said hacks occur.
A Brigham Young University cheerleader, Jessica Kehl, says that when she found someone was impersonating her on Facebook she followed the company’s procedures to report identity theft but has never heard a response from the site.
“I was not impressed with how they handled it,” Kehl told KSL. “I wish they would’ve contacted me and helped me with this situation.”
Facebook has an extremely in-depth Safety Center on the site that answers questions about compromised accounts, money transfer scams, protecting account security and more. There’s  a ton of information about how to keep your account safe (which more often than not involves changing your password), plus a form to fill out if you think someone has accessed your account and changed the password in a money scam.
But is that enough? Users regularly refrain that the social media site doesn’t respond promptly — if at all — to concerns with their accounts.
Do you think Facebook can do a better job of addressing user’s privacy/security concerns? What is feasible for the company to do?


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