Intel demos Meego OS

 Bangalore: Intel demonstrated Operating System Meego on a tablet device at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

Meego was formed as a result of merger of the Nokia and Intel's Linux-based platforms Maemo and Moblin. However, Stephen Elop, CEO, Nokia has earlier announced that they have shifted their primary focus from MeeGo to Microsoft's Windows Phone platform.The OS, according to Darren Wilson, MeeGo Design Manager, makes it easier for users to go to applications. Here, the user has to touch a video or a picture for few seconds and the menu appears instantly, providing the users with various options. This is different from other OS where the users have to go to applications to find the options they are looking for. By putting information on the users' homepage, Meego will make information easily accessible.

Intel is expected to bring the tablet running on Meego by this year which will be followed by several smartphones. The exact date of the launch of these devices is still unknown. In spite of its focus on Windows Phone 7 as its primary platform, Nokia also plans to bring a mobile based on Meego platform.

The OS is currently being supported by Toshiba, Fujitsu, Asus, Acer, AMD, Texas Instruments, ST-Ericsson and Novell. Along with these, mobile operators such as Wind River, Orange, Telefonica and Sprint are also all backing the development. 


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