Intel's Core i7-990X hits the market officially

Bangalore: Intel has started selling a new chip- Core i7-990X that out performs the 980X. It is suppose to be the fastest processor in consumer's desktop with six chips in one chip. It is basically made for high-end laptops and desktops and Intel will charge it for $999 ( 45,500 approximately) for 1,000 units.
Core i7-990X belongs to what Intel calls "Extreme Edition Chipset" family. The new chipset can work with LGA 1366 motherboards as well as other motherboards.

The pricing of new chipset is the same as for its predecessor. Intel is slashing the prices of the old chipsets belonging to the same Extreme Edition Chipset family. Six core Core i7 970 by 34 percent bringing it down to $583 ( 26,532 approximately) and the quad core Core i7-960 by 48 percent which puts it at $294 ( 13,379 approximately)Apart from the features like splendid speed of 3.46 GHz and Turbo Boost 3.73 GHz, Core i7-990X is almost identical to older 980X.

The 990X remains a six core multi-threaded CPU which leaves with twelve threads in total. It has 12 MB of cache and is based on the 32 nm fabrication process with a max TDP of 130 W. Company is expected to unveil its new high-end platform for enthusiasts based on the LGA 2011 socket by fourth quarter of 2011.

The new chips based on this socket will support SandyBridge E-series processors and also feature quad-core memory controllers.These days it's less about the megahertz and more about the cores, but custom PC maker Origin isn't leaving either benchmark untouched. It's taken the as-yet-unannounced six-core, 3.46GHz Intel Core i7-990X processor and pushed it up to 4.6GHz -- a full 200 hertz more than the company's previous hotness, a 4.4GHZ Core i7-980X. The 990X is now available in the company's desktops as well as the EON-17 laptop -- which is honestly pushing the boundaries of lapablity.


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