New York Times Asks Twitter to Disable Paywall-Jumping Feed

Think you’re pretty smart, figuring out a way to get around that 20-article limit The New York Times will begin imposing in the U.S. next Monday (3/28)? Not so fast.
In the new paywall scheme, if you get to a Times article by following a link, it doesn’t count against the 20 articles you can read for free before you have to pay a monthly subscription fee. That’s where Twitter feed @FreeNYTimes could come in handy, linking to every single New York Times article so people can use Twitter as a free jumping-off spot.
But the Gray Lady is having none of that. Today it asked Twitter to disable @FreeNYTimes because “it is a violation of our trademark,” according to a spokesperson for the Times. A Forbes reporter asked her about other ways to get around the paywall. For example, a simple browser app called NYTClean gives you admittance to any article with a single click. The Times said that’s to be expected. They will continue to monitor the situation and plan no changes, the spokesperson said.


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