NVIDIA unveils quad-core 'Kal-El' chip

Bangalore: NVIDIA officially announced first quad-core mobile processor, Kal-EI. Also termed as Tegra 3, the chip has two extra processor cores along with 12-core graphic engine. This will help in getting better resolution in mobiles.

The chip will support a better display resolution. The media hardware is a 32-bit LPDDR2 controller. The 12-core GPU will not be a unified shader architecture design unlike Tegra 2. If we look at the pure processing, its overall performance is expected to be double of Tegra 2's performance. For visuals, it will be faster by three times.

According to sources, NVIDIA claimed it is capable of outperforming 2GHz Core 2 Duo T7200 in some of the areas and be at par with notebook processors. The chip is expected to be good when it comes to mobile gaming. Game lovers are up for a treat if rumors of Sony using the chip for its upcoming media/gaming tablet are true.

The production of the chips is likely to begin by August. Though, NVIDA has announced its customers, it might choose tablet designers such as LG and Samsung. Tegra line can make its way to PC notebooks too.


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