Suggesting Facebook Pages Returns For Some

Facebook has quietly restored the ability for some administrators to suggest pages to friends.

Some administrators don’t have the ability to suggest their pages to friends; we wonder whether the “haves” and “have-nots” are a test group and a control group for Facebook to study whether to permanently reinstate the feature for all admins.
The feature now has a different look than the previous version of suggest to friends. The new one incorporates the same icon that shows pending friend requests, next to the notifications icon in the blue bar at the top of the screen. That same image also appears beneath the main profile photo, linking to the person’s friend list.
When Facebook took away administrators’ ability to suggest pages to friends in November, the same feature also disappeared for visitors to the page — and the latter hasn’t returned at all with the selective reinstatement of page suggestions.
If in fact the selective reinstatement of page suggestions is a test, and Facebook decides to fully reinstate the feature based on the results, it’s possible that page visitors might see a return of the suggestion option as well.
Readers, are you able to suggest friends for the pages you administer?
Props to Robert Lani for the tip.

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