Teen Party Canceled After Facebook Invite Got Too Viral

Facebook lesson of the day: If you’re creating a party invitation, make sure you keep it closed to the public.

A girl in Australia learned this lesson the hard way, and had to cancel her 16th birthday party after almost 200,000 people reportedly accepted an invitation to her birthday bash, according to AFP.
The girl initially just wanted her friends at school to come to her party, and figuring it could be a time saver, created a quick invite on Facebook saying anyone could attend — they could even bring friends if they let her know about it ahead of time.
It’s an “open house party as long as it doesn’t get out of hand,” she wrote in the invite, according to AFP.
Well, her party got out of hand all right — it went crazy before the festivities got a chance to start. The police said the party invitation went viral after it was reposted by another person, and soon the teen was bombarded with calls and text messages from complete strangers.
The girl posted her address in the invite, which is how many strangers found her cell phone and home phone number.
Her dad told Sydney’s Daily Telegraph she was anxious about whether anyone would even show up at her party. She told police only two people showed up to the last party she ever held.
It looks like her 16th birthday party will be as big a disappointment as her last. Poor girl should just stick to good old fashioned Evites next time. Her father told local police he would remove the event page from Facebook. Like AFP said, ”The only thing that anybody who turns up on that street will be met by will be some police vehicles patrolling the area.”
Have strangers ever accepted a party invite you created when you left it open to the public?


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