Teen Rescues Mom By Posting On Facebook

A teen in St. Paul, Minnesota used Facebook in an unusual way: to get help from the police. He posted a message for someone to call 911 as his mother was being attacked by her boyfriend, 31-year-old Reggie LeAndrew Hart in her own home.

The 15-year-old was afraid Hart would hear the teen call the police, so he silently used his cell phone to post a message for help on Facebook, according to The Associated Press. His message said “would somebody please call 911 — my mom’s boyfriend won’t let her use the phone.” He followed up with,”This is serious.”
Hart had originally taken away the cell phones of his girlfriend, 33-year-old Kelly Heinl, and her son when the abuse first began, but AP said the boy somehow convinced Hart to give the teen back his cell phone, which is when he posted a call for help on Facebook.
Despite the fact he posted the message at 2 am, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, a friend saw the post and called the police, who responded and arrested Hart.
Hart denies the abuse and blamed the whole incident on Heinl, who he said was drinking at the time. He also denied causing her to cry and scream. Nonetheless, he  was charged with domestic assault and interference with a 911 call for this crime.
But that’s not the first time he’s been in trouble with the law, according to the article. It gets more twisted: Hart was convicted of murdering the teen’s father in 1998, who was also his own cousin.
St. Paul police spokesman John Keating told the newspaper that calling 911 is “the most efficient way” to get help in an emergency,” but said “people should use any available resource to get help.”
Would you use Facebook to get help from the police?


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