Teenager Kills Facebook Friend Over Girl

The body of 18-year-old John Dargis was found Friday afternoon in the woods of  Zeeland Township in Michigan. His Facebook friend Joshua Hambly is accused of being the murderer.
The motive for the murder remains unclear, although neighbors said a rivalry had begun because of a girl. “It was over a girl. He liked her and the other guy liked her and he got mad,” a teenage neighbor told local news station WZZM 13. The kid — who was described by their neighbors as shy and private — was arrested at his workplace less than a day after the murder was discovered. Lieutenant Mark Bennett of the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department told the television news:
They knew each other for a little while. I want to do a little checking to see what the level of acquaintance was.
Could it be that the authorities looked at the victims’ Facebook profile and messages and saw something in there involving Gambly? Clearly if they had arrested Gambly because of real-life threats or interactions, the police would have said so from the very start.
John Dargis lived in the Maple View Mobile Home Park with his mom and sister. His body was found right behind their mobile home by a neighbor. Besides the fact that the body was naturally found under several inches of snow, police officers say the way the body appeared pointed to someone intentionally trying to conceal the body. Hambley will be formally charged today, and an autopsy on Dargis is scheduled soon.
Do you think the teenager was driven to murder by something he saw on Facebook?


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