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Audio specialists AKG has revealed its latest duo of headphones, the Bluetooth-toting AKG K830BT and the Kleer-enabled AKG K840KL. Each offering a different flavor of wireless, the two sets of on-ear cans use the company’s 3D-Axis2 folding headband design.

AKG is positioning the Bluetooth set as the more flexible everyday option, while the Kleer set are targeted at audiophiles. The K830BT headphones promise up to 8hrs battery life, have an integrated microphone for hands-free use, and controls for track playback, volume and call/end.
The K840KL, meanwhile, lack the microphone and only have volume controls, but do offer up to two weeks of battery life, up to 65ft range and CD-quality sound with uncompressed 16-bit, 44.1kHz audio reproduction. Both are available now, priced at $249 for the Bluetooth set and $299 for the Kleer set.
Press Release:
AKG Unveils New Wireless Headphones: AKG® K 830 BT and AKG® K 840 KL On-Ears
New Headphones Utilize Bluetooth® and Kleer® Wireless Technology to Stream Music Without the Hassle of Cords for On-the-Go Lifestyle
STAMFORD, Conn. – HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated (NYSE: HAR), today announced the availability of two new wireless headphones, the AKG K 830 BT and AKG K 840 KL. Running through the airport, catching the next conference call or listening to the latest tunes on the plane will be a much more pleasant and stress-free experience with the new AKG® wireless headphones.
Perfect for the constant jetsetter who takes calls on the run yet enjoys listening to tunes on the train, the K 830 BT features Bluetooth® technology and is compatible with iPod and iPhone models, and other Bluetooth portable players. For the audiophile who wants to lose himself in music without being bound by a cord, the K 840 KL features Kleer® wireless technology and streams lossless CD-quality audio over the air from iPod and iPhone models, or other portable music players. Both pairs of headphones feature a proprietary 3D-Axis2 folding headband for a comfortable fit without pinching or ear fatigue.
The ear-cup-mounded control on the K 830 BT headphones allows users to raise and lower volume, and answer and end phone calls, and can play, pause or skip music tracks. Users can leave their source device safely in a pocket, backpack or briefcase while on the go with up to eight hours of playback time between charges. A directional microphone, also on the ear cup, eliminates the need for a boom mic.
The K 840 KL headphones deliver pure, uncompressed 16-bit stereo audio over a robust 2.4 GHz radio link, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the music with virtually no interference. With these mini on-ear headphones, users can freely move as far as 65 feet from the audio source and still enjoy high-quality sound. For added convenience, users can adjust the volume on the actual ear cup, as with the K 830 BTs. The K 840 KLs also feature an extended battery life of up to two weeks in normal use.
“Phone charger, laptop AC adapter, iPod headphones – we have too many cords in our lives,” said David Slump, president, HARMAN Consumer Division. “AKG is proud to introduce innovative products that continue to bring studio-quality sound to every ear for a portable and more seamless experience in our everyday lives.”
The AKG K 830 BT mini on-ear headphones featuring Bluetooth technology are available now for $249 at The AKG K 840 KL mini headphones featuring Kleer wireless technology are available now for $299 at
AKG K 830 BT Features
· Bluetooth wireless technology streams music and phone calls from any Bluetooth device
· Volume, music and phone controls on-ear cup limit the need to interact with source device
· Directional microphone on-ear cup offers compact design while eliminating the need for a boom mic
· Comfortable fit enables hours of continuous listening with no pinching or ear fatigue
· 3D-Axis2 folding headband folds compactly for easy portability
· Long battery life includes up to eight hours of playback time between charges
AKG K 840 KL Features
· Kleer wireless technology features CD-quality sound with uncompressed 16-bit, 44.1kHz audio reproduction
· Extended battery life gives listeners more playback time and less downtime with up to two weeks between charges with normal use
· Extended operating range offers more freedom of movement, working more than 65 feet from the audio source
· Comfortable fit allows for hours of continuous use with no pinching or ear fatigue
· Passive noise reduction effectively seals out most ambient sounds for undisturbed listening
· 3D-Axis2 headband folds to fit into a compact hard carrying case for easy portability


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