Warner Brothers Now Renting Movies On Facebook

Watch Warner Brothers’ The Dark Knight for $3, or 30 Credits, without leaving Facebook.

The movie studio has leapfrogged competitors like Netflix in debuting rentals on Facebook. Warner Brothers is offering the Batman film as the first rental directly on the social network, accessible on a page devoted to the flick.
To see the movie, you have to click like on the page. Then, clicking on the wall post about the flick on WB’s wall fires up a permission window for an application called Watch The Dark Knight. Paying the $3 or 30 credits entitles you to watch the film as many times as you want over a 48-hour period.
I actually haven’t seen that movie yet, and the idea of staying on the social network while viewing seems cool because I could interact with friends who’ve already seen the flick. Since I’d let my Netflix account lapse, the Warner Brothers offering seems like an ideal alternative. And since I haven’t yet used the 25 free Credits given to me by Facebook, springing for an extra five of them seems like a good deal for accessing the film.
Does watching a movie rental while on Facebook appeal to you?


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