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 Look who's on Facebook now

Wael Ghonim, the Google employee, who moonlit as the Facebook freedom fighter and whose wall posts helped coordinate the massive protests at Tahrir Square that eventually toppled President Hosni Mubarak, seems to have inspired the most unlikeliest candidate to take to social networking.

The country's Army, now in-charge in the country which is on its rugged path to democracy, has now launched its own Facebook page, according to international news agency Al Jazeera. The idea is to reach out to some of the protesters and calm them down over the future of the country. And what better place to attempt that than on their home turf: the uber-powerful Facebook Wall. Now Egypt's online revolutionaries are conversing with the country's Supreme Council on the way forward.

The upcoming iPhone: smaller or cheaper?

Android may have garnered a lot of attention in the past few weeks but the buzz is now loudest on Apple's new generation of iPhones. There is a lot of speculation among international news sites and technology blogs on just how the successor to iPhone 4 would be. Some feel that it might be smaller and even sport a slide-out QWERTY keypad. However, most recent reports, especially in reliable sections of the international press, indicate that Apple might, in fact, bring out a cheaper phone to the range of smart phones that have come to define the industry. Cutting down the size of the phone, especially its display, seems pretty blasphemous and unlikely, given that Apple's strength so far with developers has been its fairly standardised approach.

Back after a brief blackout

After briefly pulling the plug and forcing Ubermedia to make changes to two hugely popular Twitter clients — Ubertwitter and Twidroyd — over trademark and privacy violations, micro-blogging network Twitter reinstated the APIs much to the relief of thousands of users.

Ubertwitter has been the favourite, especially among Blackberry users around the world. Besides, Ubermedia had only recently acquired another massive Twitter app Tweetdeck. For now, all seems well in Tweetsville.


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