Will Facebook Add Google And Twitter To The New Comments?

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Yesterday Josh Constine revealed that there is currently active code within the new Facebook comments which can enable users to log in with Google and Twitter to publish comments. Facebook has turned off the feature since the launch though, but will that eventually change?

While interesting, we think it’s highly unlikely that Facebook will implement either service. The main issue is that Facebook rarely goes above and beyond to support competitors despite having the upper hand. At this point users are limited to logging in with Facebook and Yahoo!, most likely a result of the partnership forged over a year ago. Facebook also doesn’t consider Yahoo! to be much of a competitor, especially with Carol Bartz at the helm.
While we could walk through the process of hacking up the javascript, that’s besides the point of this article. What’s more important is that Facebook has launched a serious commenting platform in an effort to extend the company’s dominance as a centralized identity provider on the web. By convincing publications around the web to implement the new commenting system, Facebook could easily expand their influence. Publishers also can keep the trolls out and keep the content clean.
While it should never be ruled out that Facebook could turn the other logins back on, the battle between Facebook and Google appears to have resulted in the open web movement being partially hijacked by fighting between the companies.


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