Gmail for iPad Apps suck. is best

I just got an iPad 2 for my birthday and first thing I did is setup my mail. I get bunch of emails every day and out of 100-200 per day I delete probably 20% of them. See the thing is that with original iPad mail app you can delete, archive emails and things like that. But to mark them as read even if you didn’t open email, oh well that option does not exist.
So I went to app store and downloaded bunch of gmail apps for iPad but no app really had an option to select and mark emails as read. Well I went to With my iPad and to be honest it’s the best way to check and manage gmail account. What I love the most is that I can actually make as app by simply clicking on bookmark button and add it to home screen (sorry no images today, am writhing this article via iPad for the first time, and I am not happy with it at all.
Anyway, I just wanted to share tht sometimes mobile paged are way better than an actual iDevice apps. Try it.
If you have tablet, which app do you use for to check on your gmail account?


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